Quality support and resources for high school STEM research,
free of charge.

Science research is not the enemy.

Unfortunately, it’s easy for students to dislike research when they don’t feel prepared for their journey. Tanim Talino wants to be there for all Filipino high school students every step of the way.



Do you have something you don’t understand: how to perform a particular experiment, how to process your data, or even how to start? We can help you through email.


Do you want to be more prepared for STEM research? We are developing online resources that can help you excel in research.

Trainings and Workshops

Tanim Talino believes that everybody can be a science researcher— all they need is a good foundation. Contact us to organize a training or workshop with your high school students or teachers about any aspect of the science research process.

Let us know how we can help you by visiting our Consultation Form, or message us through email at info@tanimtalino.org.

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About Us

Tanim Talino wants to support Filipino high school students (and younger) with STEM research. If you want to support us through cash or kind, please email us. All funds go into Tanim Talino operations, such as maintaining this site.


Email: info@tanimtalino.org
Davao City