Consultation Form

If you need help with research, don’t hesitate to reach out using the form below. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as we can. All consultations are free.

All consultations and mentoring will be through email. Please wait for one to three days for a response.

Tanim Talino wants to help you with your science research. If you are a minor, please do not share sensitive information such as your full name and home address. If you are unsure of the information you will be sharing, please let your teacher or an adult send us a message instead.

Tanim Talino will offer support within the limits of what we deem “fair.” Please understand that we reserve the right to refuse to help if it isn’t fair.

We respect your intellectual property and we will not claim it nor share your data with anybody. For your safety, your research teacher/adviser or parent will be informed that you are asking for our assistance.

If you are a teacher, individual, or anybody else who is not a student seeking assistance on science research, kindly email us directly at Please follow up if your email was not acknowledged within three working days.