Tool: t-test Calculator

This tool can easily calculate the t-test value of two samples and test for the assumptions of normality and homogeneity of variance.

AS OF July 26, 2022, the t-test Calculator now solves for one-sample t-tests and paired-sample t-tests! Navigate the different calculators using the bottom tabs.

Access the calculator here:

This calculator was designed for experimental data with some measurement uncertainty. If you encounter any problems with the calculator, kindly let us know at

MISCONCEPTION: If you must check for normality, you are not supposed to check the normality of all the data pooled together. Check the normality of the different samples independently. Do not merge them.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The preliminary testing of assumptions is controversial, and may be argued to be unnecessary. Simulations show it is still effective in choosing which test to pursue. Normality and variance testing are included in the calculator for completeness since many Filipinos rely on them.

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